germany won because of this kid


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How many of my followers are over age 25?



I’m about to be 26 next week. Not looking forward to it.

don’t say thattttt! 26 has been a transition year for me personally, but. each year is a blessing!

i’m about to follow my 25+ followers. sometimes having 13 year olds asking me questions makes me so stressed. they are half my age LAWDT

And I’m already stressing about turning 19  this month


Imaan Hammam by Lachlan Bailey for Vogue Paris, August 2014.

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What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? (1993)
“We don’t really move. I mean, we’d like to, but… my mom is sort of attached to the house. Attached is, I guess, not the right word. She’s pretty much wedged in. “

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we all took this movie too literally

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Happy birthday, Harry James Potter! July 31, 1980

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“You have to consider the possibility that God does not like you.”

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do u ever have an amazing gif but no use for it, well here i am


when somebody asks if you got room for dessert

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